Low Temperature Fish Meal

High quality, low temperature fish meal made from Nordic herring.

Fish meal from food grade herring 

Low temperature means that the fish meal is produced with indirect hot-air drying. While the process itself requires 30 % less energy, it also leads into higher amino acid digestibility and allows the separation of protein and oils without any auxiliary chemicals. Low fat content also means that the fish meal is fluid. 

Low temperature fish meal’s amino acids have higher digestibility compared to regular production methods. 

Only food grade herring is used in the production of the fish meal. 

Protein and oil are separated without any auxiliary chemicals.

Meitmeal Oy Ab captures the herring near their factory and uses only food grade herring in the production of the fish meal. We can deliver the fish meal as bulk or in big bags. 

About the fish meal 

  • Crude fat content under 12 % 
  • Moisture under 10 % 
  • Captured at fishing areas 29-30 at Gulf of Bothnia 
  • Delivery in bulk or in big bags. 
  • Usable a year from the date of manufacture 

About Berner Industries 

Berner Oy is a 140-year-old Finnish family-owned company operating in seven countries in Northern Europe. Berner Industries is part of Berner. We are a global supplier of food and feed raw materials and chemicals for the manufacturing industry and the infrastructure sector. 

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