Berner Industries

Food and feed raw materials and chemicals for the manufacturing industry and the infrastructure sector. We have active customer relationships in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and are also looking for new cooperation opportunities internationally.

Berner Oy is a 140-year-old Finnish family-owned company operating in seven countries in Northern Europe. Berner Industries is part of Berner. We are a global supplier of food and feed raw materials and chemicals for the manufacturing industry and the infrastructure sector. Our subsidiaries produce magnesium chemicals and starch-based binders for the forest industry, among other things.

We source and import the products we represent into our own warehouses directly from our principals in Asia, Europe and North America. Traditional brokerage, or agency trade, currently accounts for only a few percent of our total business. We are keen to explore what we can do together with our customers, be it importing, exporting or further processing of a by-product – for example, for another industry’s raw material needs.

Sustainability is also very important to us at Berner. For example, we received Platinum, the highest possible level in the second EcoVadis sustainability assessment (7/22), which means we are in the top 1%.

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We can help with both small and large chemical and raw material needs and their cost-effective supply chain. The import consignments we purchase can range from sea containers, truckloads, train wagon loads and entire shiploads, depending on the product needs and demand in the target customer base.

In Finland, we are the business unit of Berner Oy specialising in industrial-scale chemical raw materials, basic chemicals and additives. In Sweden and Denmark, our business unit is active as an importer and distributor of industrial chemicals and additives through our Group subsidiary Bröderna Berner AB.  In Norway, import and distribution is handled through our Group subsidiary Sören Berner. The product range may vary from country to country. For more detailed information, please contact our local experts.


We are constantly looking for new products to complete our product range.

We offer our suppliers:

  • A ready-made customer base and a strong market position. We know our customers and our customers know us.
  • A solid family business background. We are part of the 140-year-old Finnish family-owned company Berner. We are a serious and reliable player with the ability to invest in the future.
  • Efficient logistics. We deliver products to customers in the form they want, at the right time and in the right place. We operate an extensive network of warehouses and containers.

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