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Circular economy and industrial side streams

Sustainability is important to us at Berner and the circular economy is a major theme for us. At Berner Industries, the circular economy is particularly visible in the use of industrial side streams: we help to make the side streams generated as part of industrial production processes useful and to use them elsewhere as raw materials for industry.

Since the by-products of an industrial process are something that is generated anyway, making the most efficient use of them is not only a matter of sustainability, but also of practicality. The product generated as a by-product can be of monetary value to someone, and at the very least its recovery reduces the cost of waste treatment. In the energy sector, for example, waste treatment costs have tripled in five years.  

At Berner Industries, we have already been working with a number of parties to bring side streams into beneficial use. For example, we have found new uses for the by-product ammonium sulphate in Terrafame’s battery chemical production. Sometimes the side streams can be used as they are, sometimes they require treatment before they can be recovered. 

You can contact us if:  

  • You want to explore possible uses for the side streams from your own production.  
  • If you are already processing other operators’ side streams and are looking for buyers for your products.  
  • You want to explore the possibility of replacing virgin raw materials in your manufacturing process with by-products.  

Our strengths include existing experience in dealing with side streams, a broad customer base, strong experience in logistics and existing storage solutions.  

Feel free to contact us and let’s see together how we could make use of your side streams or where we could find the right side stream products for you!  

Examples of our circular economy activities include: 


Exports of ammonium sulphate as a raw material for the fertiliser industry got off to a good start in 2022, when production at Terrafame’s battery chemicals plant was ramped up. Crystalline ammonium sulphate is typically delivered to customers in bulk shipments via the port of Hamina.  

Read more about our collaboration with Terrafame.


Glycerol alloy applications include:  

  • biogas plants: biogas producers are competitively enhancing their production with Berner’s glycerol blend  
  • feed industry  
  • Wastewater treatment as an additional source of carbon.  


We help the battery chemicals, pulp and energy industries, among others, to find new uses and destinations for waste containing sodium and potassium. Many ashes and wastewaters contain high levels of soluble salts such as chlorides and sulphates, which, unlike in the past, can now often be recovered. A cost-effective way of recovering salts may be possible, for example through modern ash scrubbing processes. Washing processes can transform previously unusable wastes into commercial products such as potassium and sodium chloride and calcium sulphate, or gypsum. 

Feel free to contact us!

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Please contact us and let’s see together how we could utilize industrial side streams.