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Energy industry

We supply the energy industry with many chemicals. We specialise in flue gas cleaning with solutions based on sodium bicarbonate.


Berner Industries offers chemical products for the energy industry, both for boiler water production and flue gas cleaning. Our products include, for instance:

  • sodium hydroxide, or lye, as a solution and as solid granular lye
  • regenerative salts as powder, granules and salt tablets
  • trisodium phosphate to remove residual hardness from boiler water
  • sodium bicarbonate 
  • active carbons


We represent high-quality SOLVair products from Solvay, the world’s largest sodium bicarbonate manufacturer, and supply them to our customers in all Nordic countries. Sodium bicarbonate is an efficient and simple solution for controlling emissions from energy production. Solvay has more than 500 flue gas cleaning references worldwide from various power plants, such as biomass, coal and sludge incineration plants. In addition, references of flue gas cleaning based on sodium bicarbonate can also be found in many industrial sectors, such as the ceramics, mineral wool, glass, metal, cement and oil refining industries. In all of these sectors, the reliable and cost-effective management of flue gas cleaning is crucial.


We also offer solutions for the treatment and disposal of ashes generated and recovered during cleaning. The solutions are tailored case by case and are available in all Nordic countries. We are ready to help you in your projects and offer technical support and our network’s extensive expertise to you from the outset.  We guarantee cleaning results that meet statutory requirements now and in the future. Contact our specialist to find a solution for the utilisation or disposal of ashes recovered at your facility.

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