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Energy industry

We supply our customers in the energy industry with chemicals for flue gas cleaning and other applications. We specialise in flue gas cleaning with solutions based on sodium bicarbonate.


In Berner Industries’ range of chemicals for the energy industry, you will find products for both boiler water production and flue gas cleaning. Our strong logistics expertise and local warehouses enable us to deliver products to our customers with agility, flexibility and reliability.

Our products include:

  • sodium hydroxide, i.e. lye in solution and solid pearl lye
  • soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate in liquid form
  • sodium sulphate, as a liquid or solid solution
  • regeneration salts / saline salts in powder, granules and salt tablets
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • activated carbons


We represent Solvay, the world’s largest sodium bicarbonate manufacturer, with its high quality SOLVair products in the Nordic countries. Sodium bicarbonate is an effective and simple solution for controlling emissions from power generation. Solvay has more than 500 reference sites for flue gas cleaning worldwide in various energy plants, such as biomass, coal and sludge combustion.


We also offer customised solutions for the treatment and disposal of ash from cleaning and recovery in all Nordic countries. We are ready to help you with your projects, offering you technical support and access to our extensive network of expertise right from the start. Ask one of our experts for a solution for the recovery or disposal of the ash recovered from your plant.

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