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Ammonium sulfate produced as an industrial side stream product in EU and delivered globally.


Ammonium sulfate is an inorganic salt that is commonly used as a fertilizer. It contains sulfur and nitrogen, both important nutrients for plants. Our ammonium sulfate is produced as a side stream product of sulphidic nickel production. In essence it’s about circular economy: ammonium sulfate is repurposed from something that is produced in any case.

The product is available in bulk and in flexible big bags. Depending on how far ammonium sulphate is exported, the most cost-effective shipping batches are typically between 2,000 and 8,000 tonnes. However, we are also able to deliver larger batches. Please contact us if you want to hear more!

Why Berner Industries?

1.  Circular economy 2. Made in EU 3. Cost-effective alternative
 Production of nitrogen fertilizers typically require considerable amounts of energy. Our ammonium sulfate is produced completely from side streams of other products. Our ammonium sulfate is produced inside EU, in Finland. Ammonium sulfate that is produced as a side stream product is a cost-effective alternative.


Terrafame’s battery chemicals plant is the world’s largest producer of sulphidic nickel, an integral part in production of batteries for electric cars. Sulphidic nickel produced by Terrafame is produced with 60 % lower carbon footprint compared to regular production technologies.

The ammonium sulfate we deliver is a side stream product of this process. Terrafame’s production capacity for ammonium sulfate is 115 000 tons / year. Read more: https://www.terrafame.com/


Ammonium sulphate, crystalline

Sulphate of ammonia, N 21 (S 24)

Nutrient content w/w (%)
Total nitrogen (N):  21 %
Ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N): 21 %
Sulphur, water soluble (S): 24 %
Sulphur, water soluble (SO3): 52,5 %
low of chloride

Technical information: bulk density 1,06 min – 1,08 max g/cm3

CAS number: 7783-20-2.
REACH Registration Number: 01-2119455044-46-0056.

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