Lannoiteteollisuuden raaka-aineita viljelijän käsissä

Fertiliser industry

We cooperate with several international fertiliser raw material manufacturers.


In addition to importing nutrients, Berner Industries will start marketing and delivering ammonium sulphate for exports in the spring of 2021. This ammonium sulphate is generated as an industrial side stream product and meets the requirements of the EU fertiliser legislation. Production will be gradually ramped up and our partners will reach the planned target level in 2022.

Ammonium sulphate will be available in bulk and in flexible IBCs. Depending on how far ammonium sulphate is exported, the most cost-effective shipping batches are typically between 2,000 and 8,000 tonnes. However, we are also able to deliver larger batches.

The procurement and sales experts in our fertiliser raw materials team are here to help you. We look for and offer the nutrient and raw material solutions you need and tailor logistic solutions that support your operations, ensuring the secure availability of the products you need. We at Berner Industries are also very interested in finding new cooperation opportunities associated with industrial and municipal nutrient-containing side streams.

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