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PRESS RELEASE 23 June 2021

With the corporate acquisition concluded on 22 June 2021, Berner Ltd acquired the tank terminal of Gaudium Ltd in the Tahkoluoto harbour in Pori. The company will continue operations under the name of Berner Industries Tank Ltd. The acquisition will secure the availability of tank capacity in a market situation where it has not always been available. The terminal in Tahkoluoto supports the expansion plans in accordance with the strategy of the business unit Berner Industries of Berner Ltd.

“There are new factory projects underway in the Pori region and, in the next few years, some of the companies already operating in the area will be increasing their production. Berner Industries wants to be involved in the area, providing a new option to the existing operators and increasing its presence on Finland’s west coast,” says Mika Pirhonen, Director, Berner Ltd, Berner Industries.

For more information, please contact:
Mika Pirhonen
Director, Berner Industries, Berner Ltd
tel. +358 040 831 3451

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