Teollisuuden Berner lehmiä laitumella rehutiimimme kanssa
Customer stories


Long-term cooperation between animal feed production and animal nutrition. Greetings from RehuX Oy’s CEO

RehuX and Berner have had good cooperation for many years already. Cooperation is generally so good that it often feels like we were “going along the same path” even though we are different companies.

We often receive valuable advice and assistance for the procurement process. We also appreciate the fact that Berner’s service is flexible and fast and their word can be trusted.

Berner has demonstrated excellent flexibility and has been capable of finding just the raw material we need.

Also when future prospects are concerned, Berner is constantly bringing us new information from the world. On a scale of 4 to 10, I rate our cooperation 9+, in order to still leave some room for improvement.

thank you from the business unit director!

Thank you for good cooperation, it is a pleasure to help and continue going to the same direction with you!”