Customer stories

Reliable partner and impressive NPS Score – encouraging results from Berner Industries’ customer satisfaction survey

The results of our customer satisfaction survey show that at Berner Industries, we have succeeded in strengthening our position as a reliable, dependable, and customer service-oriented partner among our customers. Enhancing customer experience is one of our strategic priorities, and we have been actively working on this at Berner Industries.

“Our customer satisfaction survey results are encouraging and indicate that we have focused on the right things. Long-term partnerships with our customers are extremely important to us, so the work on improving customer experience continues,” says Mika Pirhonen, Business Director at Berner Industries.

Key findings of the survey

  1. Partner evaluation – reliable and Customer-Oriented
     Customers perceived Berner Industries as a reliable and prompt partner.
  2. Contact person evaluation – excellent 9
    Customers rated our 14 contact persons with school grades, resulting in an average score of 9, which is excellent.
  3. NPS Score – very good 68
    Berner Industries’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) was a very good 68 (on a scale from -100 to 100). The internationally used NPS metric measures customers’ willingness to recommend the company.
  4. Operations and service evaluation – strengths in reliability, accuracy of deliveries, and correctness of delivery documentation
    Our operations and services received an excellent score of 8.9 across seven factors.
  5. Areas for improvement – pricing and proactivity
    Although the results were overwhelmingly positive, some customers mentioned pricing and proactivity in communication as areas for improvement. Customers also expressed a desire for more information about Berner’s digital services, development ideas, sustainability actions, and sustainable development solutions. The majority of respondents (78%) believe the collaboration will remain the same, while 17% think it will increase slightly. “Thanks for these results belong to our wonderful team. This is the result of diligent and continuously customer-focused work,” Mika Pirhonen continues.

What’s next?

We have started reviewing the results within our sales segments and will take the results and development suggestions into account in our action and operation plans.

For those customers who have requested, for example, the development of digital services or product development collaboration, we will be in contact to initiate potential development projects.

At Berner Industries, we will continue to invest in competitive products and active engagement with our partners. We have already been in contact with customers who raised feedback requiring immediate attention during the survey.

Implementation of the survey

The survey was conducted by an external partner as an interview survey. Respondents represented a diverse range of industries, including the food industry, energy and battery industry, chemical industry, and infrastructure. The response rate was 70%.

Thank you – we appreciate your feedback

A warm thank you to all who participated in our survey! We are committed to continuously improving and developing our operations, and we are grateful for all development suggestions and feedback as part of our daily collaboration with our customers.