Customer stories

The long-term cooperation with the IFF Group’s Finnfeeds Finland Ltd will expand at the beginning of next year

Berner Industries has managed IFF’s side stream of betaine production, the sale of glycerol mixture to the animal feed industry and to wastewater treatment plants since 2014. From January onwards, another side stream of separation mixture, or protein molasses, will be available for sale.

 “The new agreement strengthens cooperation between Berner and IFF, and it is also a sign of trust. We are a good partner,” says Director Mika Pirhonen.

The cooperation with IFF originally began as an ordinary customer relationship, and we have expanded our services to providing a sales channel for their products and, even, becoming an industrial partner.

“The takeover of side streams that can be used as raw materials also clarifies our strategic goal to be a major actor in the circular economy of various industrial sectors.” 

Glycerol mixture and separation mixture are sold to both domestic and international buyers. For the Berner Industries, betaine’s side stream of glycerol mixture has already proved to be a great and organic product in wastewater treatment plants to meet the additional carbon needs. The mixture replaces methanol used in water purification, which is classified as a toxic chemical.

Shared values

Mika Pirhonen estimates that with the new agreement, Berner Industries will be able to sell more than 10,000 tonnes of glycerol mixture and separation mixture annually.

Pirhonen values the partnership with IFF. “We share the same values in terms of responsibility and believe in the circular economy approach.”

According to Pirhonen, both sides are interested in sustainable business. “Another great thing about the new agreements is that

IFF’s plant in Naantali is commissioning a new power plant, which will lead to the majority of the required process energy being produced with biofuels, and carbon dioxide emissions will be further reduced.”

Finnfeeds Finland Ltd manufactures betaine extracted from sugar beet-based solutions in Naantali for the animal feed, nutrition, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Versatile operations

An example of the versatile cooperation between IFF and Berner is the further processing of sucrose-derived glucan at Chemigate.

At the beginning of the year, we will start operations at Berner’s subsidiary Chemigate’s new production plant in Lapua. Glucan is obtained from IFF’s other subsidiary, the Jokioinen plants. This product is mainly distributed worldwide to IFF’s major customer.

 Chemigate has invested more than EUR 8 million in the Lapua production plant. Glucans are biopolymers that replace other materials, classified as microplastics. According to Tom Schauman, CEO of Chemigate, glucan processing is a big deal for Chemigate. He would also like to thank the parent company for its support in finalising the investment.